Meat, Vegetables, Fruit: Why Dogs Eat Better Than Humans Do

Well, it’s totally up to your parents. You don’t choose what to eat. To be honest, neither do I, but…

My parents were forced to radically change my diet because of my stomach diseases. Let’s just say that I had trouble digesting any kind of grain. We tried everything, from the average to the highest quality brands, I ate diet grain a few times and after that didn’t eat at all. This simply led to:

BARF = Raw Feeding

I love raw meat


It’s not easy to start with BARF on a day-today basis. Your stomach has to get used to it first.

When I got my first portion of pure raw meal, I wasn’t thrilled at all. I was confused. Some big pieces of something appeared in my dog bowl. Of course, I sniffed it, licked it and, finally, went to the kitchen to wait for my real dinner, as always. However, soon I was persuaded that this is truly my real meal.

You may already know that I am not a Speed Writer. However, I am definitely a Speed Eater.

I ate those big pieces, washed them down and … threw them up. Never mind. Round 2.

My parents split those big pieces in half. I don’t know why.

I ate it again, washed it down and … it stayed in me!

As time passed, I got more kinds of meat. And I received not just meat but also things I’d never had before. I got to know many of them from my daily walks.

Carrots, parsley, salad, yogurt, eggs and honey. Bananas and apples with whipped cream. Well, not the last one.

A human’s kitchen is different. It doesn’t smell fresh and doesn’t look very colorful either. Sometimes I don’t even see my parents cooking for themselves.

Anyway, this kind of food fit me perfectly. I have finally gained weight, I am feeling good and looking forward to every meal because it’s never the same.

Do dogs eat fish?

I didn’t know there were fish in that bowl in the picture. Really. What a surprise when I saw these little creatures.

Although I love BARF, I am not a FISH eater!

How much for the fish

But … and there is always BUT … when you add a bit of yogurt with eggs, it’s okay.

3, 2, 1…


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