Wolfy: “I can say I finally understand lady´s commands.”

Hi, I am Wolfy! I bring to you my experience with collars from my dog point of view and I am also reviewing collar I got – DOGTRA ARC Handsfree E-Collar (open in new window)

At first, you can check my Instagram as a proof I am still healthy and all right!

I am even happier (yeah, my tail is waggling 3x faster) now that I understand what lady wants so I can fulfill her wishes – almost immediately.

Disclaimer: E-collars doesn’t serve as a punishment, but like a training tool. You don’t even need to get louder with it. You have us – dogs – fully under your control now.

So. Who is this thing for?

OK, it’s for you all. For:

  • puppies (Some recommend waiting until 4 months age. Type I recommend for dogs from 15 pounds = 7kgs and up),
  • sensitive ladies and,
  • tough DOGS, too. The key is in testing the power.

It’s fine there are 127 degrees to choose from (for me 42 is memorable). Start with the lower power and see if the dog listens. If not, raise it a point or two, etc. That’s why there is a huge range of impulse degrees. But I think 21 degrees (which is my second favorite) should be good too.

Tip: Give him up to 3 seconds to fulfill your command. It’s long enough for us to receive information -> process it -> do it.

Don’t worry, simple training materials are included with the collar …

Who else is it for?

For dogs who don’t listen, who are focusing all their senses on something else. Yeah, we do things 100%! It’s also for those who are unstoppable like I once was, when seeing other animals like …hedgehogs, rabbits or horses.

I always thought my lady supports me when she was screaming: Wolfy, Wolfy! Now I know it wasn’t supporting at all.

As you can see, I am very hairy which brings the question if it’s going to work. Well, I thought my human parents experiment wouldn’t work out because of that, but… you bet I can feel that power despite! (You need to place electrodes right on the dog’s skin – contact is important here)

(fotka jak loví a uplne dolů neajkkou peknou kde pozuje

Let’s make it short and sweet.

Tip: Grab your new collar soon, they are selling out pretty fast. I will track the numbers of collars actually in stock. To this today, there are still 5 left.

Most interesting advantages of it:

✅ Step-by-step Training videos included

Packaging contains guidance on how to set it the collar as well as clear training videos. When you follow them, you can expect excellent results. I believe that you can expect 80-90% improvement in just couple of weeks:-)

✅ Single puls and “pleasurable” constant stimulation

You can set the power up for “normal” situations as a single puls and constant shocks = electric impulses in a row for necessary occasions. I tested it once or twice in my “learning process” with collar.

✅ It’s all waterproof!

It may be a bad idea to use it while I am swimming. I can wear it but no need to shock me. Why? We just can’t run away from you in the water!

If it happens to be raining, you can feel free to use it. Work for long distances and in remote areas as well.

✅ Work for long distances and in the forest as well

Your dog is far away from you? Don´t worry, 3/4 miles (+-1,2km) is way enough. Do you think its too much? When there are some obstacles like trees, it can restrain the distance, that´s why long distance collars are more suitable.

✅ Rechargeable

Next walk ready in just in two hours!

Vibrations instead of Beep sound

This particular collar does not have a Beep sound (my number 2 – bolded at the bottom of post has it). This one has vibrations instead. Why? First, beep is annoying (which is maybe good for learning purposes). Second, shock impulses are very good teachers by themselves so your dog friend will listen to you without any tools except your calm voice.

Some other features

The more functionalities, the more options to play with. This professional e-collar and Price – Quality ratio is very good here (at least that’s what I have heard from my pet parents).

The entire learning process can take you a few weeks.

I started to understand the commands like “come,” “leave it” or simple “no” very quickly, but you need to prepare in advance.

Your friend needs to get use to that collar without you actually using it -> Dogs should first feel that it is an ordinary collar, which doesn’t do anything. When the dog gets impulse, he/she doesn’t know where it came from – maybe the lady’s new superpower?. Yeah, humans are clever… This can take +- 14 days.

If your dog doesn’t know those basic commands yet, you need to teach him them on a leash first which means, when you say the command, allow your dog 3 seconds to do it. If nothing happens, rope him in slowly to you. Start the simplest way possible: Teach him to understand his/her name.

“Wolfy” is now the most important command for me.

Good luck!

3/4 Mile Range, Hands Free Remote Controller, Waterproof, Rechargeable, Shock Vibration

Other collars I personally recommend are: SportDOG Brand SportHunter, Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar, Dogtra ARC Remote Training Collar System.

That is my first honest review.

How did you like it, was it good, was it bad?

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