Orange or white. Beef or chicken. The same.
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My Introduction, Humans. Yeah I can type…

As you may know, my name is Wolfy. Officially Akim Aneris Lovely. I am two eye coloured, blue merle Australian shepherd with rose-coloured nose. I am neither Collie nor Dalmatian as many think.

I am first of 13 brothers, but unfortunatelly the smallest one…

I live in Prague with my human parents (let´s call them parents – master and lady). They adopted me at my 2 months.

Selfie, attempt: 1

Dog selfie with laptop - Wolfy

Well… I completed a 1 year recently. Damn, that time is running fast…

Since my birthday, parents found me intelligent and old enough to have a this machine. Truly remarkable machine.

Yeah, I grew up fast, mentally, not physically – I had some stomach illness, did not eat much – but that´s other story.

I had had so many things to say therefore I created this blog and made this first post. What a feeling to let the thoughts out finally.

I must admit, in the old – offline days – I got easily bored and weird things start to happening. My mind went crazy, I was nervous…  I had a feeling that I had to chew something or… yet better, to destroy few things. Maybe that´s why I got this revolution gift – to calm my mind.

Posting intervals

It´s hard to make a post. You may have realized I am not speedwriter.

Dogs are not speedwriters

And… that´s not all yet, you have to publish all your photos on today´s so called social sites – it´s only way how to reach you all.

Can you imagine what struggle´s I have while taking a photo or making a video?

Because of mentioned above it´s considerable to pay a pro photographer in the near future – it´s a MUST. No content quality means no visitors and the changes to meet you are significantly smaller, guys.

Well. I have some friends actually, but I don´t spend much time with them. I always hear “Let´s go home Wolfy” after 15 minutes walk – means only 5 min playing games, 5 min sniffing and 5 min duties. Like it was enough?